Categories of Membership


NHRDN Value Propositions:

National HRD Network through its various initiatives provides following value propositions to its members and larger HR community

  • Pride of Association
  • Thought Leadership
  • Enhancing Capabilities
  • Networking


  • Institutional Membership :
    • All Institutional Members can nominate two members from the institution to participate in Network’s activities.
    • SMEs, as defined by Government of India (only) may opt for an annual membership.
    • SMEs, will also have to share the supporting document/s duly attested by Chartered Accountant.
    • The Institutional members can replace the nominees whenever they leave the Organization or otherwise.
    • Nominee members of the same organization at other locations or places cannot claim any benefit of membership other than their respective chapter.
    • Only the nominee members will be eligible to avail the actual benefits of membership.
    • The institutions can claim in their publicity brochures that they are Institutional members of National HRD Network.
    • Member Institutions can collaborate and associate with their Chapters for organizing seminars, conferences etc. as per the rules, regulations and procedures of the respective Chapters.
    • Institutions & Individuals are not permitted to use the NHRDN logo in their communications or on their website/blog/page/social networking site without NHRDN, National Secretariat’s written consent.
  • Individual/International Membership :
    • Individual Life Members of any Chapter are automatically treated as a long term members of any other Chapter across the country.
    • Individual Life membership can be transferred to other chapter in case the member relocates to another city.
    • Initial Enrolment of Life Members will however take place only at the Chapter where the member is staying at the time of taking membership.
    • Individual Annual Membership is non transferable.
  • Optional offer to Institutes :
    • Special programme by NHRDN at campuses
    • Organizing Guest Lectures.
    • Coaching and mentoring programs
    • Research work on the current trend and practices.